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rural professional communities.

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At Remote Camp Africa, we believe social upliftment and skills development are fundamental to the success of any remote project.
Community sentiment is enhanced by education and the involvement of local workforce, while at the same time supporting and developing the community throughout the life of the project and beyond.
We will provide you with the tools and personnel to train your community to be more employable and dependable.

Remote Camp Africa, in partnership with qualified professionals, will help you bridge the gap between merely performing tasks and correctly completing tasks with safety and accuracy.


Skills Training / Skill Assessment

Assessment and training are essential to the smooth and effective running of any dynamic operation.
With Remote Camp Africa, you will be able to provide your local community with training from a specialist in his field, who will assess and educate delegates whilst ensuring that the latest techniques are employed, and that the best practices are being implemented.

Our specialist partners ensure that your staff are adequately assessed and educated to ensure economical and safe practices are employed in your operations.
This approach reduces risk and the cost of repair or replacement of equipment and materials.

Training opportunities may include:


  • Basic Wiring and Insulation

  • Early Fault Detection

  • Lightning and Surge Protection


  • Gearbox Repair

  • Differential Repair and Setup

  • Fuel System Servicing

  • Engine Overhaul

  • Diagnostics

  • Spare Part Orders

  • Correct Use of Tools


    Building Techniques


    Fuel Management


    Water Purification

    Correct Use and Care of Power Tools



We understand the necessity and importance of health and safety, security, quality, environmental awareness and legal requirements in all that we do.
Remote Camp Africa ensures that standards are met and exceeded by trained professionals who are committed to conducting themselves in a safe and professional manner.
We are focused on providing training to your workforce to effectively minimise risk to themselves, our Client and the environment.
By means of on-the-job training and education, we will be able to improve all health and hygiene practices - an absolute necessity in situations where proximity and isolation can result in rampant epidemics.

In conjunction with our partners, we also provide intermediate and advanced HSE training to members of your HSE team, which may include such things as fire fighting techniques and environmental monitoring.


Driver Training

Vehicle damages and wear and tear, caused by improper use, create a burden on maintenance teams and reduce fleet efficiency.
Having correctly trained drivers is the first step towards ensuring safe and cost effective transport by road.

Our experienced driving instructors understand that communication is key and are able to teach individuals of varying capabilities about all aspects of vehicle use and safety.

Training opportunities include:
  • Defensive Driving

  • 4x4 Driving

  • Recovery Techniques

  • Basic Mechanical and Care